Our Lyric Consort “Angels”


Lackawanna County Arts & Culture

Dr. Alan Baker

John & Agnes Cardoni

Christopher & Julie Gallo

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Horger

Dr. Susan Kelly

Carol & Fran McMullen

Dr. & Mrs. Bruce Sherbine

Dr. Rebecca Beal & Dr. James Wimsatt

Tom & Janice Winter


Mrs. Beverly Bright

Charles & Ruth Curtis

Mr. Jeff Curtis

Dr. Colin & Nancy Jeschke

Linda Ledford & J. Llewellyn Miller in memory of Lila Miller

Jean Shields

John & Connie Weiss

Maria Zengion


Mother Rebecca Barnes & Mother Liz Grohowski

Richard & Marie Cochrane

Dr. Patricia McCormack


Anonymous, Scranton

Ms. Paula Belair in honor of the beauty of song

Fredericka Heinze

Dr. Philip & the Rev. Barbara Muntzel in honor of Dr. Alan Baker 

Kathy & Michael Shucosky

Doug Smith & Lexington Entertainment 

The Lyric Consort has been recognized by the IRS as a 50l(C)(3) organization for charitable purposes.